Baby #3

I’m tired. SO SO TIRED! Oaken joined our family just over a week ago. When D & S were born, everyone told me to nap when they did. Yeah, that never happened. I am not one that can go back to sleep after I am woken up. But I sure can when it’s 7 days later of no sleep! I really shouldn’t be complaining. He’s so good. He has learned how to sit, lie down and is pretty much potty trained.

I knew there was going to be late night potty outings. Freezing my butt off while he decided the perfect spot to 💩. But what I didn’t know, was how much I would love him! AND how much time I would lose from working on my business to just staring at him or playing with him. Baby #3 is a lot easier tho in some ways than D & S. Oaken doesn’t wail for hours. He doesn’t need to be attached to me 24/7. I can leave the house without him and if he starts to annoy me, I can walk away… well for a few minutes. But the chewing… he is addicted to our small carpets, loves to chew on the baseboards and HATES his crate. Did I mention he has stairs to get on the couch and sleeps in his cozy comfy bed by my nightstand? Spoiled this 3rd child is. SPOILED!

Oaken LOVES Thirty-One! He has his own Double duty Caddy, Creative Caddy, Stand tall bin and medium stand tall bin. He will grab his toys out of the bins and then hide in the bin. But he is loving being a spokes”dog” for Thirty-One 🙂

~Kyla~ Inspiring & Empowering others through Thirty-One’s Sisterhood, Products & Business Opportunity

Never Say Never…



As a child and teenager, I grew up with massive dogs. I had to clean up heaps of 💩 in the backyard. Clean the kennels. But worst of all, the dog hair and the SLOBBER!

Fast forward to my wonderful children entering this world. I swear from Day 1, they both wanted a dog. Didn't help when my sister & brother in law got Louie. Then EVERY BLOODY day D & S would harass me for a puppy.


Why no dog...

At first my reasoning was based on growing up with a ton of dogs and not wanting to pick up 💩 or have to deal with a dog. (The kids were young you know! So who would it have fallen on?)

Then, it was because we got a pool and had no room for a dog to play outside, and it would 💩 in our pool. And guess who would have to clean it up? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Finally, I was travelling a lot for my Thirty-One business. I was earning trips to far off places, in far off lands. Who the heck would care for 'their' dog when I wasn't there???


Hubby got a new job and we moved to a new home in a new city and had no pool and a huge backyard. So of course they all started in on me again. Then the unthinkable happened. My sister & brother in-law came to stay for a weekend and brought Louie. Louie was so well behaved... I wanted him to eat my boots. To pee on the floor. To keep us up at night so I could prove to the kids we couldn't have a dog in this house! Well that backfired BIG TIME. Because Louie and I bonded... well he bonded with me. I kept telling him to get off my couch, but instead he curled up beside me. And then I remembered what it was like when my mum's dogs as big as horses would curl up with me. It was a good feeling. One I had completely forgotten.

Did I mention EVERYONE on our street has a dog??? EVERYONE. One neighbour and his wife I see often. They have Sarah. Sarah is a princess. Cutest dog you ever saw, who thinks her 💩 don't stink. It might not. She has been very polite and has not 💩 on our lawn yet... But honestly, everyone has a dog.

One night, hubby and I were chatting. Not sure what he put in my drink... but I agreed to a puppy. BUT, I wanted what I wanted in a dog. (Remember, it's all about ME) So we agreed on a smaller dog. A Labradoodle.


Oaken joins our family on January 11th.

Will we still be able to travel? Ummmm, I WILL! Not sure if anyone else can join me... oh darn!

Who will be picking up his 💩 ??? Beats me. But you know who it won't be! 🖐🏼

Who will be training him? ME! Because let's be honest. He's going to be my dog...




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Kyla ~

Cabbage Soup – straight up recipe

I hate cooking. I love to eat. But I don’t enjoy cooking, or baking or anything to do with food, except eating it. So when I search for a recipe online, I want to see the recipe. I don’t want to have to read about how you became inspired to create this meal because of your visit with your brothers sisters husbands wife and then have to scroll through endless pictures of the ingredients and steps to make the recipe. I don’t care if your kids love to cook with you. I don’t care about the texture and taste. I just want the damn recipe. I have like 20 minutes to prepare the bloody meal before my daughter has a melt down because I completely forgot about dinner time.

So you won’t get that here. You will get some of the recipes I don’t mind making from start to finish. Recipes that are quick and easy. Recipes that do not require a lot of thinking. Not a lot of ingredients, don’t have time for that. If I don’t recognize the ingredient, or have never heard of it, or have to go to some specialty store to get it. The recipe won’t be here. Because I have never made it. I won’t share recipes I have never made. What’s the point in that? Oh, one last thing. I hate to cook.

Let’s end this post with a very quick and easy Cabbage Soup recipe that you can cook in the Instant Pot (don’t have one? Well I’m not going to post my amazon link for you to find it. Just google it, everywhere sells it!) or use a plain ole pot. Oh, and I am not going to sugar coat my recipes for you. Nothing fancy. Just me telling you how I cook a damn meal… quickly.


Here’s the crap you need:

  • Ground beef, you don’t need to measure. One package of ground beef
  • Onion, don’t like onion? Then just don’t put it in! I dice up a small onion and throw it all in
  • Celery however much you want
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Half a can of pasta sauce
  • Pasta seasoning, I use epicures ‘pasta seasoning’ – nice little plug there for my sister in law Krista who is an epicure consultant. She rocks.
  • 6-8 cups of beef broth – I use Epicure beef broth… another plug 🙂
  • Cabbage – if you forget this, you have missed the whole point of this recipe


Brown the meat in the Instant Pot using sauté setting, throw in the onion & celery. Add a can of diced tomatoes, some pasta sauce, your pasta seasoning, cabbage and enough beef broth to cover, typically 6-8 cups. Turn IP to manual for 20 mins. Release the pressure and DONE! If cooking in a pot, after you brown the beef add all the ingredients into a large pot and cook on low for like a few hours, until the cabbage is soft. This isn’t rocket science. So that’s the steps!

Remember how I said I don’t like scrolling through photos of ingredients? Some people do. So here are some photos. But if i’m looking at your recipe page, I will scroll past them! ha…

⬅️ This is what the ground beef, onions and celery look like in the instant pot before cooked…

oooooo, ahhhhhh

⬇️ A head of cabbage

How my journey started…


Who is Kyla?

I am a Wife, Mum, Sister, Friend, Business Owner & Leader. After suddenly losing my mum in 2005 when my son was just an infant, I lost all passion for life. When I began my journey with Thirty-One in December of 2015, I had no idea how much I would grow, learn, and love again, through the sisterhood, the products, my journey, the incredible Women I have met & the relationships I have formed. I found my PASSION again! And I made Thirty-One my Career!

I Inspire and Empower Women by Celebrating, Motivating and Encouraging them to live life with a positive mindset, and to help them find their Confidence, Strength & FEARLESSNESS! Through Thirty-One's sisterhood, products and mission, I change lives.

So how did I get here... I joined Thirty-One because the kit had products I wanted and was cheaper than just buying the products! I had never been a part of direct sales before. I had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted product for a discount! Before I knew it, friends and family were ordering, and women were joining my team because they saw my love for the products and the company. I promoted to leadership very quickly. Within 4 months of starting my journey, I was a Director. And felt lonely. I only knew a couple other leaders. I had no idea what I was doing. So I began reading up on leadership, learning whatever I could on how to lead my growing team. It was tough. There wasn't a lot out there. But I kept at it. Growing as a Woman, leader, wife & mum.

A year into my journey I met my soul sister. We instantly connected, we were on the same page with how we wanted to lead our teams and we were both lonely in the world of leadership. We are not on the same team, but we are in the same lineage. Another year later, we realized we were both doing the same things for our teams, separately. So she brought her team over to TeamFEARLESS, and we merged into one team. We lead our teams TOGETHER. We are amazing leaders. We work so well together. (more on that another time)


Thirty-One helped me find a passion for Leading, Inspiring and Empowering others. I am loving this Krazy journey...

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