Baby #3

I’m tired. SO SO TIRED! Oaken joined our family just over a week ago. When D & S were born, everyone told me to nap when they did. Yeah, that never happened. I am not one that can go back to sleep after I am woken up. But I sure can when it’s 7 days later of no sleep! I really shouldn’t be complaining. He’s so good. He has learned how to sit, lie down and is pretty much potty trained.

I knew there was going to be late night potty outings. Freezing my butt off while he decided the perfect spot to 💩. But what I didn’t know, was how much I would love him! AND how much time I would lose from working on my business to just staring at him or playing with him. Baby #3 is a lot easier tho in some ways than D & S. Oaken doesn’t wail for hours. He doesn’t need to be attached to me 24/7. I can leave the house without him and if he starts to annoy me, I can walk away… well for a few minutes. But the chewing… he is addicted to our small carpets, loves to chew on the baseboards and HATES his crate. Did I mention he has stairs to get on the couch and sleeps in his cozy comfy bed by my nightstand? Spoiled this 3rd child is. SPOILED!

Oaken LOVES Thirty-One! He has his own Double duty Caddy, Creative Caddy, Stand tall bin and medium stand tall bin. He will grab his toys out of the bins and then hide in the bin. But he is loving being a spokes”dog” for Thirty-One 🙂

~Kyla~ Inspiring & Empowering others through Thirty-One’s Sisterhood, Products & Business Opportunity