Cabbage Soup – straight up recipe

I hate cooking. I love to eat. But I don’t enjoy cooking, or baking or anything to do with food, except eating it. So when I search for a recipe online, I want to see the recipe. I don’t want to have to read about how you became inspired to create this meal because of your visit with your brothers sisters husbands wife and then have to scroll through endless pictures of the ingredients and steps to make the recipe. I don’t care if your kids love to cook with you. I don’t care about the texture and taste. I just want the damn recipe. I have like 20 minutes to prepare the bloody meal before my daughter has a melt down because I completely forgot about dinner time.

So you won’t get that here. You will get some of the recipes I don’t mind making from start to finish. Recipes that are quick and easy. Recipes that do not require a lot of thinking. Not a lot of ingredients, don’t have time for that. If I don’t recognize the ingredient, or have never heard of it, or have to go to some specialty store to get it. The recipe won’t be here. Because I have never made it. I won’t share recipes I have never made. What’s the point in that? Oh, one last thing. I hate to cook.

Let’s end this post with a very quick and easy Cabbage Soup recipe that you can cook in the Instant Pot (don’t have one? Well I’m not going to post my amazon link for you to find it. Just google it, everywhere sells it!) or use a plain ole pot. Oh, and I am not going to sugar coat my recipes for you. Nothing fancy. Just me telling you how I cook a damn meal… quickly.


Here’s the crap you need:

  • Ground beef, you don’t need to measure. One package of ground beef
  • Onion, don’t like onion? Then just don’t put it in! I dice up a small onion and throw it all in
  • Celery however much you want
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Half a can of pasta sauce
  • Pasta seasoning, I use epicures ‘pasta seasoning’ – nice little plug there for my sister in law Krista who is an epicure consultant. She rocks.
  • 6-8 cups of beef broth – I use Epicure beef broth… another plug 🙂
  • Cabbage – if you forget this, you have missed the whole point of this recipe


Brown the meat in the Instant Pot using sauté setting, throw in the onion & celery. Add a can of diced tomatoes, some pasta sauce, your pasta seasoning, cabbage and enough beef broth to cover, typically 6-8 cups. Turn IP to manual for 20 mins. Release the pressure and DONE! If cooking in a pot, after you brown the beef add all the ingredients into a large pot and cook on low for like a few hours, until the cabbage is soft. This isn’t rocket science. So that’s the steps!

Remember how I said I don’t like scrolling through photos of ingredients? Some people do. So here are some photos. But if i’m looking at your recipe page, I will scroll past them! ha…

⬅️ This is what the ground beef, onions and celery look like in the instant pot before cooked…

oooooo, ahhhhhh

⬇️ A head of cabbage

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