Never Say Never…



As a child and teenager, I grew up with massive dogs. I had to clean up heaps of πŸ’©Β in the backyard. Clean the kennels. But worst of all, the dog hair and the SLOBBER!

Fast forward to my wonderful children entering this world. I swear from Day 1, they both wanted a dog. Didn't help when my sister & brother in law got Louie. Then EVERY BLOODY day D & S would harass me for a puppy.


Why no dog...

At first my reasoning was based on growing up with a ton of dogs and not wanting to pick up πŸ’© or have to deal with a dog. (The kids were young you know! So who would it have fallen on?)

Then, it was because we got a pool and had no room for a dog to play outside, and it would πŸ’©Β in our pool. And guess who would have to clean it up? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Finally, I was travelling a lot for my Thirty-One business. I was earning trips to far off places, in far off lands. Who the heck would care for 'their' dog when I wasn't there???


Hubby got a new job and we moved to a new home in a new city and had no pool and a huge backyard. So of course they all started in on me again. Then the unthinkable happened. My sister & brother in-law came to stay for a weekend and brought Louie. Louie was so well behaved... I wanted him to eat my boots. To pee on the floor. To keep us up at night so I could prove to the kids we couldn't have a dog in this house! Well that backfired BIG TIME. Because Louie and I bonded... well he bonded with me. I kept telling him to get off my couch, but instead he curled up beside me. And then I remembered what it was like when my mum's dogs as big as horses would curl up with me. It was a good feeling. One I had completely forgotten.

Did I mention EVERYONE on our street has a dog??? EVERYONE. One neighbour and his wife I see often. They have Sarah. Sarah is a princess. Cutest dog you ever saw, who thinks her πŸ’©Β don't stink. It might not. She has been very polite and has not πŸ’© on our lawn yet... But honestly, everyone has a dog.

One night, hubby and I were chatting. Not sure what he put in my drink... but I agreed to a puppy. BUT, I wanted what I wanted in a dog. (Remember, it's all about ME) So we agreed on a smaller dog. A Labradoodle.


Oaken joins our family on January 11th.

Will we still be able to travel? Ummmm, I WILL! Not sure if anyone else can join me... oh darn!

Who will be picking up his πŸ’©Β ??? Beats me. But you know who it won't be! πŸ–πŸΌ

Who will be training him? ME! Because let's be honest. He's going to be my dog...




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Kyla ~