My soul sister Melanie Mann and I lead TeamFEARLESS. We have several up and coming leaders that co-lead with us. We are a SISTERHOOD. We are a group of Women who are working towards reaching our goals. Several of us support our families with our Thirty-One income. Many of us have BIG dreams for our families that we will make come true through our businesses with Thirty-One. TeamFEARLESS is a SISTERHOOD.

What makes us different? We have FUN Empowering Women by Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding them for who they are! We Empower Women to become more confident. More independent. To reach their dreams and live with purpose. We support each other. We lift each other. We respect each other.

When you start your own journey with TeamFEARLESS, you have access to training, support, resources, tools and more to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

We have formal training webinars, 1-1 coaching calls, regular webinar calls where we chat and learn. Coffee meet ups and more! You are set up for success from day 1 with our New Team Member training and resources!

What more info?

I’d love to see if TeamFEARLESS and Thirty-One are a good fit for you and us! Fill out this form before we connect!