How my journey started…


Who is Kyla?

I am a Wife, Mum, Sister, Friend, Business Owner & Leader. After suddenly losing my mum in 2005 when my son was just an infant, I lost all passion for life. When I began my journey with Thirty-One in December of 2015, I had no idea how much I would grow, learn, and love again, through the sisterhood, the products, my journey, the incredible Women I have met & the relationships I have formed. I found my PASSION again! And I made Thirty-One my Career!

I Inspire and Empower Women by Celebrating, Motivating and Encouraging them to live life with a positive mindset, and to help them find their Confidence, Strength & FEARLESSNESS! Through Thirty-One's sisterhood, products and mission, I change lives.

So how did I get here... I joined Thirty-One because the kit had products I wanted and was cheaper than just buying the products! I had never been a part of direct sales before. I had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted product for a discount! Before I knew it, friends and family were ordering, and women were joining my team because they saw my love for the products and the company. I promoted to leadership very quickly. Within 4 months of starting my journey, I was a Director. And felt lonely. I only knew a couple other leaders. I had no idea what I was doing. So I began reading up on leadership, learning whatever I could on how to lead my growing team. It was tough. There wasn't a lot out there. But I kept at it. Growing as a Woman, leader, wife & mum.

A year into my journey I met my soul sister. We instantly connected, we were on the same page with how we wanted to lead our teams and we were both lonely in the world of leadership. We are not on the same team, but we are in the same lineage. Another year later, we realized we were both doing the same things for our teams, separately. So she brought her team over to TeamFEARLESS, and we merged into one team. We lead our teams TOGETHER. We are amazing leaders. We work so well together. (more on that another time)


Thirty-One helped me find a passion for Leading, Inspiring and Empowering others. I am loving this Krazy journey...

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